Attuned Interactions, Issue 7, January 2020


Welcome to Issue 7 of Attuned Interactions. You can read about using Video Interaction Guidance in a multi-agency children services team (Bernardo) and its impact for families within child protection (Montell and Stephens), about using Video Enhanced Reflective Practice with nursery school staff to create a community of practice (Soni and Lewis) and in change-making conversations  (Landor and Smith), and reports from the ACP’s Bristol Conference 2019 (Pardoe) and from a VIG retreat’s Reading Group (Forsyth et al).  Please contact Dr Stephanie Satariano with proposals for articles for Issue 8 and with offers to join the group of editors and of external readers.

Miriam Landor, guest editor, National Supervisor AVIGuk, founder of Attuned Interactions


Using Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) in a Multi-Agency Children Services Team

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) without a camera – how to have effective ‘change-making conversations’.

Investigating the Impact of Video Interaction Guidance for Families within Child Protection

The Observing Relationship. Shared Perspectives from Observational Documentary Film-making and Psychoanalytic Observation: a view from the conference chair

Using video enhanced reflective practice (VERP) with staff in a nursery school to create a community of practice

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) Retreat Reading Day 11.10.19 – Reviews: our co-thinking comments following discussion.


Attuned Interactions is the e-journal for the international Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) community. It is affiliated to several international organisations associated with VIG, including the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK (AVIGuk), but it remains entirely independent.

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a video feedback intervention that enhances communication within relationships.  It does this by using video clips of ‘better than usual’ interactions in authentic situations to actively engage clients in change.  Clients are supported to reflect on the video clips in the light of their own hopes of a better future in their relationships with people who are important to them. Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) is an adaption of VIG for supporting professionals’ development.

Our aims for this e-journal are to promote the benefits of VIG, to develop and communicate the evidence base for VIG and to offer an opportunity to debate issues facing VIG practitioners and clients.

We publish articles in English on VIG, and on other related strengths-based video feedback interventions. These articles range from academic to practice-based, and their authors from expert to novice, from VIG supervisor, guider or trainee to VIG participants and their communities.

Copyright remains with the authors; please contact them with any queries. The views expressed are those of the authors, and not of the members of the editorial group.

All articles are sent to several members of a panel of peer readers for comments, which guide the authors’ amendments before publishing.